Mount Brice

Elevation Gain: 2,268mDistance: 33.82kmTotal Time: 11 hours 20 minutesDate: January 5th, 2023 Mount Brice is a bit of an obscure peak located in the odd void between the Skagit Valley and Manning Provincial Parks. Historically the area has been used for mining and logging, especially further North near Claimstake and Silverdaisy Peak. Brice itself, seesContinue reading “Mount Brice”

Black Knight Mountain

Elevation Gain: 524mDistance: 10.42kmTotal Time: 2 hours 41 minutesDate: March 27th, 2022 Black Knight Mountain some times referred to as Black Mountain, is the obvious summit guarding the western entrance of Highway 33 in Kelowna, BC. It’s visible from throughout town and despite living in Kelowna for 10+ years I never sought out to reachContinue reading “Black Knight Mountain”

Mount Last

Elevation Gain: 520mDistance: 12.70kmTotal Time: 5 hours 53 minutesDate: December 26th, 2022 Mount Last is the name of the true summit that resides a few kilometers above Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, which only occupies the lower flanks. It’s apparently named after two local residents who owned the area where the ski resort currently resides. IContinue reading “Mount Last”