Lesser Wedge Mountain

Elevation Gain: 2,512mDistance: 24.39kmTotal Time: 12 hours 38 minutesDate: April 19th, 2024 Lesser Wedge Mountain is the smaller counterpart to the massive Wedge Mountain, located just a few hundred meters west of it. Despite being so close to Wedge, one of the more popular skiing and mountaineering objectives in the area, it appears to beContinue reading “Lesser Wedge Mountain”

Botanie Mountain

Elevation Gain: 1,100mDistance: 20.47kmTotal Time: 8 hours 24 minutesDate: March 2nd, 2024 The words “Special Avalanche Warning” were printed in big unavoidable text all across the AvCan site this weekend. A pernicious weak layer coupled with high snow fall diminished any big plans. I still couldn’t complain though. Unusual mid winter snow conditions had beenContinue reading “Botanie Mountain”

Blustry Mountain

Elevation Gain: 1,727mDistance: 16.57kmTotal Time: 7 hours 40 minutesDate: February 24th, 2024 Blustry Mountain is the tallest mountain in the small Clear Range East of Lillooet. It’s not exciting from a mountaineering perspective, but it resides in the rain shadow and does offer some unique views you won’t see further west. For those reasons, itContinue reading “Blustry Mountain”