My name is Francis and I created this site to post trip reports on the mountains I climb and hopefully enable others to gain useful information on routes and mountains they hope to do themselves. I find often for scrambles and less traveled trails the information online can be limited. I usually to look to sites like Steven Song’s and others for details on routes I’m interested in and now I’m hoping to contribute my own findings here for interested parties to discover.

I’m based out of Vancouver, BC and I’ve hiked/scrambled in B.C., Alberta and outside of Canada in countries like Nepal and Japan as well. I was born in 1993 and was raised in Eastern Canada and the States before a final move by my family to BC, where I’ve lived ever since. I spent most of my teens and early twenties in Kelowna, before moving out to Vancouver in 2017 on my own. I hiked a fair bit as a child, but stopped and didn’t discover it again until I was 24 with a trip up to the Black Tusk. Ever since, I’ve been seeking out new peaks to climb.