Labour Day Summit

Elevation Gain: 1,623mDistance: 13.27kmTotal Time: 14 hours 38 minutesDate: August 5th, 2023 Labour Day Summit (aka Labour Day Horn) is an unofficially named peak on the southern end of Slesse Mountain’s long-reaching ridge line. It’s so called for the “Labour Day Buttress” route up the north buttress; first ascended by Dick Culbert, Paul Starr andContinue reading “Labour Day Summit”

Little White Mountain

Elevation Gain: 714mDistance: 11.28kmTotal Time: 3 hours 44 minutesDate: July 22nd, 2023 Little White Mountain is one of the few summits of significant height in the Kelowna area. It’s still a heavily forested summit with only its upper reaches stretching beyond the treeline and into the alpine. To the east is its taller counterpart: BigContinue reading “Little White Mountain”