Leckie Peak & Farrier Peak

Elevation Gain: 2046mDistance: 17.1kmTotal Time: 1 day + nightDate: June 22nd/23rd 2024 Leckie Peak is the highest summit along the small Leckie Range just north west of Gold Bridge. There’s some confusion about the status of this peak as it was likely named from the valley rather than from the summit. As a result, theContinue reading “Leckie Peak & Farrier Peak”

Sheba Peak & Drone Peak

Elevation Gain: 1,838mDistance: 33.27kmTotal Time: 7 hours 17 minutesDate: May 2nd, 2024 Drone Peak is a relatively obscure North Shore summit that’s nestled deep in the Furry Creek area at the headwaters of Downing Creek. It’s located almost two valleys in form the ultra popular Brunswick area and while logging roads run close to itsContinue reading “Sheba Peak & Drone Peak”

Mount John Decker

Elevation Gain: 1,580mDistance: 17.79kmTotal Time: 7 hours 33 minutesDate: April 14th, 2024 Mount John Decker sits on the southern terminus of the Phelix Creek area and rises almost 1500m above Birkenhead Lake. It’s not a very popular summit, likely owing to the lack of any trail, but it does offer an interesting summit crux underContinue reading “Mount John Decker”

Lesser Wedge Mountain

Elevation Gain: 2,512mDistance: 24.39kmTotal Time: 12 hours 38 minutesDate: April 19th, 2024 Lesser Wedge Mountain is the smaller counterpart to the massive Wedge Mountain, located just a few hundred meters west of it. Despite being so close to Wedge, one of the more popular skiing and mountaineering objectives in the area, it appears to beContinue reading “Lesser Wedge Mountain”