Mount Breakenridge

Elevation Gain: 3,383mDistance: 35.89kmTotal Time: 33 hours (across two days)Date: March 18th, 2023 Mount Breakenridge is the highly visible and prominent summit at the north end of Harrison Lake. It rises over 2300m above the lake where a multi-kilometer snow/ice field rests on its broad summit flanks. Hidden further beyond on the north end ofContinue reading “Mount Breakenridge”

Mount Chief Pascall

Elevation Gain: 945mDistance: 12.07kmTotal Time: 6 hours 47 minutesDate: March 11th, 2023 Mount Chief Pascall is one of the smaller summits in the Joffre Group/Duffey Lake area, but that is by no means a detractor. It’s an exceptionally popular peak owing to a short 10-12km round trip and sub-1000m elevation gain. However, it’s most popularContinue reading “Mount Chief Pascall”

Mount McLean

Elevation Gain: 2045mDistance: 22.93kmTotal Time: 8 hours 47 minutesDate: February 9th, 2023 Mount McLean towers 1000 plus meters above the Seton Lake area at a total height 2427m. It’s the highest summit in the Mission Ridge and presides in the wind scoured rain shadow of the coast mountains. The summit is not particularly challenging fromContinue reading “Mount McLean”

Mount Brice

Elevation Gain: 2,268mDistance: 33.82kmTotal Time: 11 hours 20 minutesDate: January 5th, 2023 Mount Brice is a bit of an obscure peak located in the odd void between the Skagit Valley and Manning Provincial Parks. Historically the area has been used for mining and logging, especially further North near Claimstake and Silverdaisy Peak. Brice itself, seesContinue reading “Mount Brice”