Mont de la Saxe

Elevation Gain: 1080mDistance: 11.8kmTotal Time: 3 hours 53 minutesDate: March 5th, 2022 Mont de la Saxe is 2346m peak nestled among the giants of the alps near Courmayeur, Italy. Located just across the valley one can find Mont Blanc, Les Grande Jorasses and many other defining summits. Despite the alpine giants it’s surrounded by, MontContinue reading “Mont de la Saxe”

Morro do Corcovado

Elevation Gain: 965mDistance: 9.87kmTotal Time: 3 hours 47 minutesDate: February 24th, 2022 Morro do Corcovado is probably the most famous mountain around Rio de Janiero alongside Sugarloaf Mountain. That’s thanks to the Christ the Redeemer monument erected on the summit and giving Rio it’s moniker of City of God. Most tourists reach the summit viaContinue reading “Morro do Corcovado”

Morro Pedra de Listra

Elevation Gain: 465mDistance: 6.22kmTotal Time: 2 hours 8 minutesDate: February 14th, 2021 Morro Pedra de Listra is another short summit along the island that makes up Florianopolis. After building some confidence in the local terrain on Morro da Lagoa, Adam and I were aiming for another summit in the area. Further north along the ridgeContinue reading “Morro Pedra de Listra”