Syncline Mountain

Elevation Gain: 742m
Distance: 10.5km
Total Time: 4 hours 2 minutes
Date: September 30th, 2023

Syncline Mountain is the tallest summit along the connecting ridge from Cone Mountain to Handcock Ridge. It was our final stop on a fun ramble through the Hart’s Pass area and I’d be heading up alone while Andrea and Brittany waited for me at the col of Tatie Peak. I decided to run it (as best I could) so that they wouldn’t be waiting too long. The terrain on the lower slopes was not too steep, albeit quite a bit of shale type rock, but the route gradually steepened and I had to pick my line through short steps to avoid scrambling.

Heading down the Tatie Peak ridge
Stellar views from the col!
The route ahead
The false summit along the ridge

As I neared the top the ridge narrowed and I scrambled up and through loose rockies type rock until I landed on a false summit on the northern end. About 300m beyond the true summit was in sight. Thankfully, it’s a relatively flat ridge run so I jogged along avoiding a few tricky blocks and soon reached the top!

Mount Ballard shrouded in snow flurries
The true summit at centre
Fresh snow on the ridge
Nearing the top of the false summit

I had gone up in the hopes of getting some close up views of Azurite Mountain, but sadly it was shrouded in clouds and snowfall. I took a few photos of what I could see, signed a summit register and then ran back to the false summit. From there I scrambled down the ridge until I could run again and the rest was an easy descent to where Andrea and Brittany were waiting. It took 32 minutes in total, so I was right on time!

The true summit ahead. An easy ramble ahead
The northern ridge of Syncline
Looking back towards Tatie Peak and Cone Mountain

We gathered our things and then followed the pleasant PCT trail the whole way back. A pretty sweet way to spend the day considering we couldn’t get our original climbing objectives!

Back at the col
Toer Mountain and Golden Horn
Following the PCT back

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