Sero Cabai

GPS recording available here:

Stats include Sero Jamanota and Sero Cabai
Elevation: 294m
Distance: 5.5km
Total Time: 1 hour 31 minutes
Date: October 13th, 2021

Sero Cabai is the 4th highest point in Aruba and the last official point that I am personally willing to declare “peak-baggable”. By BC standards this would hardly even be a sub-summit or false summit, but in Aruba everything must be scaled down. The summit stands at a mere 164m and is a short walk up at most. Despite that, one must contend with some blistering heat; so bring lots of water.

Sara and I had just finished tagging Sero Jamanota and were now descending to the “col”. We dropped perhaps 100m to a dividing road between the two high points and then started up the trail on the other side. It was a quick walk up and we reached the summit in 10 minutes or so.

Heading down Jamanota’s service road to the “col”
Looking up the bristled slopes of Sero Cabai
At the start of the trail
Myself leading up the trail
At the top
Summit panorama. Sero Jamanota visible to the left

Here we had nicer views than Jamanota, as this was one of the few high points without any man-made structures on the top. Still, the views weren’t amazing and the day was hot, so we didn’t stick around very long. We descended back to the road and then instead of heading back up to the Miralamar high point to took a connecting road instead. This route bypassed any unnecessary elevation gain and we linked back up with the main paved road through the park. In a 4×4 one could drive closer to the summit trail head, but we had a tiny rental car so there’s no chance.

Sara leading the way down with Sero Jamanota on the left again
Back at the col
Bypassing Miralamar high point
On the main road through the park. Just 100m to the car from here

We reached the car after an hour and a half round trip, relieved to have some fresh juice and water waiting for us. The day’s not over yet though… We had a short drive left to grab the last “peak” of Aruba: Sero Arikok.