Ottomite Mountain

GPS recording available here:

Includes data for Zupjok, Lllama, Alpaca and Ottomite
Elevation Gain: 1,471m
Distance: 20km
Total Time: 6 hours 57 minutes
Date: June 20th, 2021

Ottomite is a relatively small peak in the Coquihalla Summit Area located just south of Zupjok Peak. Shelby and I had just finished the Zupjok to Alpaca Peak traverse and it was only an extra 200m of elevation gain on the way back to grab another peak. The route from the Zupjok-Ottomite col was a straightforward push through the snow covered forest. Thanks to this snow, we didn’t have to back track lower down to the actual trail and we were able to walk straight to the summit. After a short slog, we reached the top and were met with a closed forest views as anticipated. Without much to see and a tight timeline, we started our way back to the cars almost as soon as we arrived. Instead of following the Ottomite Mountain trail, we took a direct line through the trees to bypass some zig zags and rejoined with the FSR just before a creek crossing. Then it’s a short walk back to the car along a relatively flat FSR.

At the Ottomite-Zupjok Col. The route is straight through the forest ahead
Typical terrain to the summit
More of the same
At the summit now
Rejoined with the FSR after the summit

With that, we concluded a fantastic day in the alpine, grabbing 4 peaks in total. I highly recommend this traverse for someone looking for a non-tecnical day that can take you deep into the mountain range.

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