Llama Peak

GPS recording available here: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/activity-6994207067-219c507

Includes data for Zupjok, Lllama, Alpaca and Ottomite
Elevation Gain: 1,471m
Distance: 20km
Total Time: 6 hours 57 minutes
Date: June 20th, 2021

Llama peak is a 1914m peak that makes up part of a long ridge line that runs from Zupjok Peak up to Alpaca Peak. Shelby and mine’s main goal for the day was to grab Alpaca Peak, but we got Llama Peak for free along the way. After topping out at Zupjok Peak we had to descend the ridge losing about 100m of elevation and then regaining another 70m to a small bump. From there, it was another round of elevation loss down the ridge, only around 60m in total this time.

Starting along the ridge to Llama Peak. Gemse and Reh Peak visible on the left.
Shelby coming down the ridge from Zupjok Peak
Anderson River group. Steinbok and Ibex are the most impressive in my opinion.
Looking back at Zupjok. About to start up the second roll on the ridge
Over the second roll now
Looking towards Llama Peak. No choice but to descend the ridge and then re-climb 200m to the top

Once at the bottom, it’s a straightforward 200m up the ridge on moderate terrain. There was a good mix of snow and rock at this point, but we stuck to the snow since it was firm and didn’t require navigating fields of heather. After a short slog, I reached the summit of Llama a bit ahead of Shelby. I took the time to plan out the ascent to Alpaca peak and have a snack. Shelby caught up about 5 minutes later and we worked out the plan. I had a strict turn around time of 12:30 to get in time for Father’s day and it was around 11:45am already. At this point, Shelby was slowing down a bit, so we decided to ditch the packs for more speed in the hopes of making it in time. Shelby also gave me the option to run up to the summit if we got too tight on time and he’d wait for me on the ridge.

Looking back at the last roll
Part way up the final section to Llama Peak
Another 2-300m to now
Looking at Alpaca Peak from the summit. Still another 1.5km to the top from Llama Peak.

With the strategy sorted out, we ditched our packs and made our way towards the summit of Alpaca Peak.

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