Cerro Mellizos

Elevation Gain: 185m
Distance: 2.39km
Total Time: 1 hour
Date: November 15th, 2023

Cerro Mellizos is a twin summit with the highest peak at ~4754m directly North of Cerro Jorquencal. Andrea and I had spotted from the summit of Jorequencal and it looked more interesting than the nearby Domo Falda Grande. We had just arrived back at our car and started driving back to the B-245 dirt road directly north. I had to cut back west for a hundred meters or so and then joined up with an existing set of tracks that took us to within a mere kilometer of our summit.

Our road to Cerro Mellizos
Our parking spot
The summit ahead

The slopes on Mellizos were even tamer than Jorquencal, but we were feeling the altitude at this point. We pushed on as some guanacos ahead made light work of the altitude and steered off out of site. Once on the ridge it was an easy walk to the top.

Getting closer
Easy peasy
Very interesting sulfur? on. the summit of Vulcan Putana
Last stretch to the top

On the way in I had been contemplating which peak was higher, as the OSM/gaia marks the summit as the southern one. However, it was obvious from the northern most summit that we were at the true high point and a survey marker also helped confirm that. With our final peak of the day complete, we wandered back to the car and headed home for the menu del dia.

The survey marker
Looking at the very unique Cerro la Torta
Lenticular clouds high above
Cerro Colorado up close-ish!
Cerro Jorquencal behind the smaller southern peak of Mellizos

There’s not much to this particular peak, but if you want some up close views of Cerro Colorado and the Volcan Tatio area, it’s worth an add on.

Cerro Jorquencal as seen from our drive back

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