Rampart Mountain

Elevation Gain: 833m
Distance: 8.61km
Total Time: 6 hours 11 minutes
Date: July 3rd, 2023

After an ascent up Moat Peak, Ashley and I were headed for Rampart Mountain about 1.5km away. As a group we hiked around the south side of Moat Lake and then up the east slopes of Rampart Mountain before splitting ways. Ashley and I continued on the broad undulating ridge towards the summit. It was surprisingly foreshortened, but after 20 or so minutes we finally reached the top! There were some excellent views of Bastion Peak and it seemed like a long ways off. Perhaps I’ll come back another day to get it, but for now we had to head home so that I could make my trip to Mount Colonel Foster in time.

Descending to the lake
Traversing around Moat Lake
Aiming for easy terrain around the south side
Class 2 at most here
Andrea is all smiles in the alpine
Looking back at Moat Peak
We split ways around here
The true summit still a ways off
Further still
Ashley coming up to the summi
Bastion Peak looking a bit closer

Ashley and I retraced our steps and then continued onto unexplored (for us) ridge line to regroup with Jacob and Andrea. There’s one short 3rd class step to overcome and then we linked up with them. Then we followed our route back contouring around the prominent gendarme and back into the forest.

Making our return
Andrea and Jacob are waiting for us on the red section of ridge
Steep drop off here
Little bit of scrambling to stay on the ridge
On the return!

The drive out was not too bad, but we had to go slow to avoid excessive pin striping. All in all a cool day out and great to see an area that’s not often explored!

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