Mont Royal

Elevation Gain: 203m
Distance: 10.4km
Total Time: 3 hours 3 minutes
Date: March 25th, 2022

My 3 month long journey abroad had finally come to an end and I found myself in Montreal for a 17 hour layover before returning home. The weather was warm, by Montreal standards, but rainy and all around dreary. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to spend a full evening in the hotel so I decided to walk around and explore. I initially thought about going for a workout, but then it occurred to me there’s an easy peak within striking distance. That’s none other than Mont Royal. A short summit that over looks the downtown core and is accessed via a large network of hiking trails. I still wasn’t 100% committed, but after getting some dinner I decided why the heck not.

The major downside is I only brought my normal street shoes and was too lazy to run back to the hotel to grab something water proof. Oh well, it’s a short outing so I’d just see how it went. I had really no idea what condition Mont Royal would be in, but it definitely looked snowy as I approached from Downtown. I left from Sumo Ramen and took boulevard st-laurent all the way to boulevard mont-royal. Then I started along the side walk up boul. mont-royal. Unfortunately, it terminated much earlier than expected and I was forced onto a slick, ice-covered path to the left of the road.

Heading through downtown
Now up towards the park
Getting icy fast

I managed my way up the path for a ways before cutting across the road again to a more obvious path in the forest. Here I followed more slick path ways up to a view point for cars. From the view point, I took a snow covered set of stairs up to the top where a couple of man made structures presided over the summit. I aimed for the true high point at the base of some radio tower. Pleased with getting the summit, I then wandered over to a well-lit cross that over looked all of Montreal. I took a few photos and then returned course back to the car view point.

Just below the view point
At the car view point
Partially icy stairs
The summit is up here
The true summit
That lit up cross not far away
Up close
Nice views of Montreal
Heading back into the forest

Back at the view point, I simply took the my ascent path down. It was now getting dark and the added slip factor made for additional challenge, but I had fun with it. Once I reached the road again I set a brisk pace back to the hotel; happy to have had some fresh air!

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