Suicide Bluffs

GPS recording available here:

Elevation Gain: 332m
Distance: 5km
Total Time: 2 hours
Date: December 5th, 2021

Suicide Bluffs is one of the many small “peaks” around the Seymour area, that by standard definitions rarely qualify as a separate summit. However, they’re all officially named points and so for that reason I still feel comfortable tagging them as summits. After a fun outing to Metal Dome the day before, I was feeling exhausted but still wanted to get outside. Mike and I had been talking about doing a small hike on Sunday and after some back and forth we decided to knock off Suicide Bluffs. It’s an easy objective thanks to the trail head parking being located at ~1000m in elevation. Adding to that it’s a mere 5km round trip to the summit and back.

I was off to a slow start on the Sunday, waking up even more exhausted than anticipated. Nonetheless, we still made up to the parking lot for around 9:15am and were off on the trail around 9:30am. The route started along the backcountry access trail that I’d been down many times before. Due to the recent rainfall events, this area was barren and icy instead of the usual snowshoe-able route. Thankfully, before long, the route snowed in again and became easy going.

Beginning of the trail
Icy in the lower half
Nice views of Suicide Bluffs from just before Mystery Peak

Just before Mystery Peak we cut left and continued along the ridge towards the summit. There were a few rolls to contend with, made a bit more treacherous by the thin layer of snow, but it was otherwise uneventful. Mike and I reached the summit shortly after and sat down to have breakfast.

Heading towards the summit. Typical terrain
One slippery section, but it wasn’t too much trouble
Mike reaching the summit
Nch’ḵay̓ in the distance
Mike and I on the summit

The views were decent, give then overcast weather, but we didn’t hang out too long. To get back, we just retraced our steps, passing a few groups on the way back. Before long we were at the parking lot again and I was off to an afternoon climbing session.