Tender Mountain

GPS recording available here: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/activity-7311728624-60495b4

Stats include all five peaks + overnight stay
Elevation Gain: 1,724m
Distance: 18.64km
Total Time: 10 hours 54 minutes
Date: August 14th, 2021

Tender Mountain is 2329m that makes up the second of 5 peaks surrounding the Train Glacier. It’s most easily accessed by continuing along the ridge from Locomotive Mountain and involves some easy 2nd class scrambling to gain the summit. After Madi, Kate, Jacob and I had just finished Locomotive Mountain, we were now starting on this route to gain Tender Mountain as well.

The first portion involved a fairly straight forward descent along the Western slopes of Locomotive to reach the Tender-Locomotive Col. There was a bit of route finding to avoid having to down climb too far and for that, we managed to to avoid any unnecessary elevation loss. Once at the col, there’s a mix of talus and scree that’s easily walked over before starting the ascent of Tender. At climber’s left was an obvious scree ramp, but directly ahead was more fun 2nd and optional 3rd class scrambling up the ridge. I aimed for the 3rd class lines with Mike to make the most out of the day, while the others navigated more carefully to take 2nd class terrain up. There was minimal exposure on either variation of the route and before long were above the steepest part of Tender’s slopes. From the there it was a short walk on moderate talus to reach the summit.

Staring down the slopes towards Tender Mountain from Locomotive Mountain summit
A few 2nd class steps to get down, but nothing tricky
Madi and Kate traversing below one of the steps
Here’s you can see at climber’s left there’s a tame talus slope to gain the summit. Meanwhile, we opted for the direct ascent
Mike nearly at the col now
Madi and Jacob descening the last section from Locomotive Mountain
Looking up at the route to Tender Mountain from the col
Fun variations up
Jacob, Kate and Madi visible from below a 3rd class route I took up
Madi and Jacob coming up a 2nd class variation
Mike just below the summit
On the summit plateau now
Caboose Peak, Faceless and Face Mountain visible from the summit
Looking towards Pemberton Valley again
Group shot on the summit

We paused again for some photos and then got group consensus that another peak was still in the works. So without spending too much time we were off to Caboose Peak next.

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