Tolkien S1

Elevation Gain: 1,580m
Distance: 17.79km
Total Time: 7 hours 33 minutes
Date: April 14th, 2024

Tolkien S1 is an unofficial summit that forms the midway point of the ridge system running from Mount John Decker to Tolkien Peak. The name originates from where the peak has since been renamed to “FH90” for whatever reason. Most maps will still show Tolkien S1 and it has enough prominence to at least be worth checking out.

Steven and I had just finished up climbing Mount John Decker and I had made the call to go to Tolkien S1 while he would press further on to Tolkien Peak. I was out of gas and then was seemed like a reasonable consolation prize. We parted ways at the southern end of Tolkien S1 and it was a straightforward boot pack to the top.

The ridge to Tolkien S1
Contouring around this ridge bump
Steven waiting for me at the base of Tolkien S1
Heading up on my own now
Mount John Decker in the distance

The summit views were actually quite spectacular and I spent a fair bit of time hanging out before heading back down the north ridge. This section was a bit unknown but the terrain turned out to be dead simple. On the way back I even spotted Finn and Kate making their way up John Decker and grabbed a few photos as I went. After dipping out of site I was soon rejoined with our tracks from the morning and followed them all the way back to the cut block. Then it was an easy road walk back to the truck.

Looking north from the summit
Tolkien Peak at centre left
Looking down at the route Steven is taking up to Tolkien Peak
There he is
Finn and Kate coming up the ridge on John Decker
One last look
Heading down the ridge
Looking back from the lake
Now on the logging road

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